Translations in Light

"I have always been fascinated by the complexity of nature and the natural geometry of many of its forms.

Repurposing materials commonly used in the construction industry and using my experience in design and engineering I have attempted to capture that transient beauty in my sculptural pieces.” 

Andy Young 2017

Andy Young's creations of engineered beauty are a unique translation of nature’s form and are a fresh and inspiring approach to contemporary sculpture. His inspiration is provided by the beauty that surrounds us in everyday life and these natural patterns form the thread that connects the pieces.

Trees and other natural forms surround us in everyday life and are easily overlooked as they are so familiar. Through his sculptural interpretations of natural objects, Andy hopes to reawaken the viewer’s child-like wonder at Nature’s beauty and complexity, as well as to raise awareness of the extent to which it is taken for granted. 

Combining materials and techniques commonly used in his high end design and construction business, Young creates unique works of art that can transform any space.

Young’s pieces have appeared in a range of indoor and outdoor environments. Two large scale sculptures were recently shown at Sculpt at Kew within the magnificent setting of Kew Gardens.

Young’s ‘Twisted Beauty’ has appeared on the front page of How To Spend It Magazine and was also displayed within the world famous Somerset House, giving great kudos to his work.

Young has also collaborated with the well-respected House of Peroni in creating two large scale site-specific sculptures for the Margarita Missioni designed space on the Haggerston Riviera, London.

With an increasing demand for sculpture in both commercial and residential spaces, Andy has worked with well-known artists, established brands and high profile individuals.